ACMKitRelease: 8.2016
Authors:  Jürgen Kress, Danilo Schmiedel, Ricardo Puttini

As part of the book Best Practices for Knowledge Workers (digital edition) we published an Adaptive Case Management Methodology. The proposed ACM Methodology is based on the five phases, which covers typical software engineering disciplines: Business Modeling, Visualization, Analysis, Design and Implementation. New software artifact models for ACM user interfaces (ACM Workspace) and ACM solution analysis and design (ACM Canvas) are also among the contributions of this work. ACM design leverages the recently established Case Management Modeling Notation (CMMN v1.1). Templates of software artifacts, developed for each methodology phase, are also presented. These support a guided outcome and ensure projects progress and success.


The methodology was developed over the past two years from work and analysis of actual ACM projects in different industries. In this dissertation, a Case Study is completely described and implemented, as a proof-of-concept for the proposed methodology.

Templates and Resources (working versions) for ACM projects:

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